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  **Mahalaya Puja - September 19th**Durga Puja 2017 - September 25th - 30th**Bangladesh Hindu Mandir is open everyday from 9am-1pm & 4pm-8pm**
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Durga Puja 2017

September 19, 2017
Mahalaya - 5:30am
Til Tarpan - 8:30am

September 25th, 2017
Adhibas - 7:00pm

September 26th, 2017

Anjali - 1:00pm
Saptami Puja - 8:31am-10:00am

September 27th, 2017
Saptami Puja - 10:02am

Anjali - 1:00pm
Ardharatri Bihita Puja - 12:40am (9/28)

September 28th, 2017
Ashtami Puja - 7:59am

Sandhi Puja - 9:35am
Anjali - 1:00pm

September 29th, 2017
Navami Puja - 8:20am

Yajna - 11:00am
Anjali - 1:00pm

September 30th, 2017
Bijoya Dashami
Puja - 8:35am
Anjali - 11:30am

Sindurdan - 8:00pm

*Cultural Program will be held in the evenings*

Please see "Upcoming Events" for further information.

September 2017

Saturday, September 2nd - Ekadashi Brata

Tuesday, September 5th - Purnima/Satyanarayan Brata

Wednesday, September 6th - Til Tarpan Begins

Sunday, September 17th - Sri Sri Bishakarma Puja

Tuesday September 19th - Mahalaya Puja/Til Tarpan Ends

Monday, September 25th - Sri Sri Durga Puja Sashti/Bodhon

Tuesday, September 26th - Sri Sri Durga Puja Maha Saptami

Wednesday, September 27th - Sri Sri Durga Puja Maha Saptami

Thursday, September 28th - Sri Sri Durga Puja Maha Ashtami

Friday, September 29th - Sri Sri Durga Puja Maha Navami

Saturday, September 30th - Sri Sri Durga Puja Dashami

October 2017

Thursday, October 5th - Sri Sri Lakshmi Puja/Purnima/Satyanarayan Brata

Sunday, October 15th - Ekadashi Brata

Tuesday, October 17th - Dhana Triadashi

Wednesday, October 18th - Bhoot Chaturdashi

Thursday, October 19th - Sri Sri Kali Puja/Amabasya

Friday, October 20th - Annakut

Saturday, October 21st - Bhai Phuta

Thursday, October 26th - Sri Sri Surja Brata

Sunday, October 29th - Sri Sri Jagatdhatri Puja

Tuesday, October 31st - Ekadashi Brata

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Kirtan and Gita Patt Every Saturday at 7:00pm.  For special Puja's, please contact the Mandir at 718-446-6727

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